Reinvent and Free Your Insecurities

by Michelle Gamble-Risley • Member { View Profile }

The significance to this story lies within (each person). At either end of the spectrum something is missing. A deeper part of their confidence eroded by some invisible force we can’t know without being in their heads. What I do know and want to share is that your path is your own. When you have genuinely found your passion and purpose and mission in life you will put your eye on the horizon and move forward. The deeper you go within yourself to answer questions of who you want to be in this world and the more you come back with your truth (the absolutely truth), the clearer that path will unfold in front of you. It is when we deny what we really want to do and allow barriers to stop us that we sink into deeper insecurities about what we’re doing.

I know what is my mission? I know what I want to do. I know how to do it. I am doing it. I focus on the goals at hand. I don’t feel the need to justify it. I don’t feel the need to explain. And I most assuredly don’t feel the need to try and bring someone else down, because I am scared or doubtful or insecure so that in my act of bringing that person down I can somehow feel better about me.

And the really great part: When you become completely centered, confident and serene, the attempts to break through this emotional wall of fortitude with the attacks fall away. Insecure people can throw emotional daggers at that wall all they way want. They can try and desperately poke holes in the force field. Try, try, try – it won’t work. At the same time, I can stand within my fortress and keenly watch the attempts, turn, and get back to my “walk about” which is my life, goals and purpose. Do you see the synergy and irony? The more you stay your own journey, the less insecure you become; and the less able the insecure ones are able to knock you off track. What an amazing payoff!

Michelle Gamble-Risley is a speaker, author and business owner of M Communications and 3L Publishing. She has written two books Smash and Second Bloom.



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