Rethink philosophy

A poem that celebrates love and light.

by Sandra Lynne Nolden • Member { View Profile }
Photograph: iStock

What ever, scanty philosophy I may contribute to life;

That we hold commensurate in thought;

Must be the collective hyperconscious of all.

Of which we perceive as corroborated or pestilent,

through our inherent propensity.

Shall be carried within to that point in existence, in need,

we will bestow upon another our own annotation.

It is not the content of philosophy to remain placid,

but to be embellished by those in collective hyperconsciousness.

To be shared in love and light, never to be cast out in pestilence.

For the seed of which I planted, shall be nurtured and apportioned,

in enlightenment, to the fruition of the minds of mankind.

I remain


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