Second Act as a Folk-Pop Singer-Songwriter

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I’m in shock that it’s been a full month now since I gave up my comfortable day job-with-benefits in book publishing in order to have the time, attention and energy necessary to put everything I’ve got into my pursuit of a career as a writer and folk-pop singer/songwriter. 

In April, I will turn 42.   I think I’m still in shock about that, too.

Luckily, the shock also comes with immense gratitude and excitement.  Oh, it all brings a big truckload of anxiety, as well, but the anxiety keeps me pushing, writing, networking, rehearsing and recommitting every single day.

I have a small amount of coinage from my 401K sitting in my bank account to live on for now, but it won’t last more than another blink or two.   So the fear of living solely on the fumes of a dream keep me motivated to break the big picture down into day-size slices, making happen today what will keep me going tomorrow.   Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I’m blessed to be at the tipping point of many wonderful things.   My 2nd indie album "No More Invitations" is just a few months away from being finished, but my recording funds & credit are tapped out.  The search for new funding to get us to the finish line for album release is a constant & sometimes overwhelming task.  I’ve started accepting custom song commissions for special occasions and I absolutely love this work, so I’m investing in advertising on bride blogs, etc. to grow my clientele list by leaps and bounds.  I have a children’s book editor interested in a lullaby & CD package idea of mine, but we haven’t quite figured out the best approach to this project yet to make it special and unique so our brainstorming continues.  I have two booking agents who are excited to work with me and tour me, but trying to get paying gigs for an unknown singer/songwriter is a challenge for any agent at any level.  All of these career-sustaining projects are pending and possible, but to make them happen takes extra patience, tenacity and time. 

This week I’ve challenged myself to selling 300 downloads of my 1st folk-pop-with-some-twang album "Listening Chair" in order to immediately cover more expense toward finishing my forthcoming album. 

Yesterday, I worked like a maniac announcing this challenge via my fan mailing list, spreading the word all over social media hot spots, talking to people, meeting new people and asking for help.  

And how many downloads of my first album did I sell from all that work yesterday?   TWO.  Just two.  So this morning is all about trying to expand the outreach and rethink the marketing and asking for help from folks with more connections and clout.  

Yes, this might be harder than I could have ever imagined, People of the World.   But one of the wonderful things about beginning a career change in your 40’s is that by now you know quite a bit about what you’re made of and you no longer waste time just dreaming the dream.  

Every day I remind myself that dreams take belief and action.   And when you pair that with experience and resilience, your gifts and your desire…..especially as a 40-plus woman who’s got her very determined eye on the proverbial ball….you’ve got all the ingredients to bake up some sweet-smellin’ success.  

Knead all your hope and faith into that dough, baby.   Keep it warm.  Watch it rise.

Best of luck to all…

Jennifer Haase
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