Six Steps to Thin Thighs

A call to kindred midlife reinvention-istas seeking a triumphant resolution to their thigh anxieties.

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Paula Carroll, M.Ed., M.S., is a 45-year-old married mom from Massachusetts. Share your success story on her website,

What if I told you that in spite of being over 40, in spite of the indicators that your body is clearly going through some midlife transitions, that neither is it too late nor impossible to achieve, or reclaim, thin thighs naturally?  A magical midlife disappearing act: now you see excess thickness; a short time later you don’t. This phenomenon can indeed happen to you, regardless of your body being more resistant than ever to decreasing its size, and all the conventional wisdom telling you it is next to impossible.  

No liposuction, weight loss surgery, pills, supplements, potions, fat burners, weight-loss drugs, or any other such gimmicks, hoopla, or shenanigans. I have put together a definitive effective six-step formula, my success story for finally attaining the thin thighs I always wanted in my mid-40s, and maintaining them naturally.  

Sharing these healthy strategies for success is my divine opportunity to spread the fairytale potential for transformation that midlife still has to offer. Hence, a call to kindred midlife reinvention-istas seeking a triumphant resolution to their thighest of anxieties, I’m waving my magic wand at you!

1. Static Stretch Your Legs

Stretching of the muscles is defined as the process of elongating or lengthening the muscles. Static stretching of the muscles involves a position or posture that is held for a period of time, anywhere from 10 seconds to two minutes, with little or no movement and maximum control. Static stretching is the best exemplified by the analogy we all learned in elementary school science: a muscle is like a rubber band, and when you pull or stretch a rubber band, it lengthens, elongates, and gets thinner. This was the simple science that I applied, when this former queen of cardio was searching for a solution to decreasing excessive muscular bulk from her thighs, the result of months of prolonged sessions of hard-core, high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. I began to incorporate a great deal of static stretching into my weekly exercise programming. Over the course of the summer, I lost approximately two inches from each thigh by daily static stretching for 20 to 30 minutes per day, in conjunction with limiting my cardio to walking a few times a week (see step No. 3) . 

2. Correct Improper Posture

Poor posture, round shouldered and hunched over, will contribute to the optical illusion of chunky thighs. Proper posture, head up and shoulders back, instantly will make you look several pounds thinner and leaner. However, proper posture necessitates effort, attentiveness, and time, until it becomes your natural inclination and tendency. It requires practice to eventually, automatically, fully engage the entire upper body through all ranges of motion: the neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and upper and lower spine. When achieved it is nature’s core workout. How do you improve your posture, even after decades of slumping? The static stretching previously covered can accomplish this goal! Performing this one exercise routine fulfills two objectives: slenderizing thighs and creating correct posture. Here’s how. While stretching the legs, recruit the neck, shoulders, chest, arms, abdominals, and spine to invoke razor sharp proper posture throughout every stretch. No slouching or allowing your upper body to be lazy while your legs are hard at work! As a result your posture will greatly improve, along with your thighs.

3. Decrease Cardiovascular Exercise

Several, very high intensity, long sessions of cardiovascular exercise per week could be detrimental to the pursuit of thin thighs. Side effects include: a ravenous appetite that’s virtually impossible to ignore on a consistent basis, excessive build-up of muscular bulk, and overuse injuries which may prevent you from exercising at all. Walking for 15 to 45 minutes several times a week is extremely effective for achieving cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, and weight maintenance. As such, it is absolutely not necessary to subject your body to arduous, high-intensity, draining workouts that pose a high risk for injury to achieve cardiovascular benefits or weight loss or weight maintenance. Plus, it’s actually much more conducive to having thin thighs if you don’t.

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