Sneaking a Piece on the Way Home

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One week I was at work and the day was just dragging along.  Of course it was a Monday, oh I’m sorry Mondays are the new Fridays…or was it Sundays are the new Fridays I forget sometimes, anyway I decided to live a little, do something I’ve never done yet, something crazy!

Well, that thought went from my head straight into air and evaporated.  I summoned it back.  I thought, what can I do?  Was this hard to come up with because I have done it all, or because there is just so much to choose from because I haven’t done anything crazy. 

By the time 5:00 PM roll around I had no idea what I was going to do.  So as I am driving home, the family wants pizza for dinner, so I order and arrange for pickup. 

Oh the sweet yummy smell that filled my car when the pizza took a seat next to me.  I looked at the box and it looked at me, I thought don’t temp me, you hear me.  Then it dawned on me, the CRAZY thing I was going to do.  Yes, this is something my husband always does on the way home from picking up the pizza.  Something I was always so jealous of because it was just so selfish. 

I’m going to sneak a piece! I’m going to be selfish for one sweet moment in time!

Oh the box seem to open itself up to me, and there it sat, sizzling hot, calling my name… mouth started watering and I reached for a piece.  I realized I was being soooo bad, sooo crazy. Why did I deny myself this pleasure for so long?  I had to laugh out loud.  This was the best I could come up with and yet it was total bliss.  Now I’m living.

I thought …wow what will I do tomorrow.  

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