Spring Is Here!

With longer, sunny days, this time of year invites us to be outside — biking, walking, reading a book on a bench.

by Malina Damjanovic • More.com Member { View Profile }

Gone are the colder winter days and months. Snow, we are hoping, is no longer. Brighter sunny days for the most part are ahead! Spring is here! It has sprung, and everyone is welcoming it with open arms. We long for the sunshine and longer daytime hours. Winter has left the building, and most of us are happy to see it go.

Sunshine and the time spent out doors are some of the things we enjoy in spring. Walking along the lakefront with our family or friends is a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Perhaps a walk in the woods would also bring fresh air and a smile to our faces.

Our dogs can enjoy the sunshine also — playing fetch or with other pets. It's just a wonderful time of year to spend outside. Bike riding and jogging make for a wonderful exercise routine. Even reading a good book on a park bench and watching people go by makes for a fun day. Whatever your plans are make sure you get to spend some time outside. Chicago has some harsh weather at times. Gorgeous ones are far and few. Enjoy them while they are here.

Spring is here, and I am happy! I am hoping to enjoy it as much as I can. Enjoy spring everyone. Make the most of it.

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