Springtime in Menopause Land

If you live here, you know it lacks flowers and baby lambs and features sweat and restless nights.

by Haralee Weintraub • More.com Member { View Profile }

Do your hot flashes seem more frequent suddenly?

Do your night sweats appear to be more intense?

If the answer is yes, blame it on Springtime.

Springtime in menopauseland is not full of flowers and blossoms and baby lambs. It is full of sweat and restless nights and less than optimal moods. Springtime for women experiencing menopause side effects can really suck. Havoc is felt with one day being warm and the next cool. A menopausal woman’s internal thermostat is tested dearly every spring. Do you also suffer allergies? Pile it o,n Baby!

Just because the calendar says May does not mean you are free from coats, boots, long sleeves, socks and good sense. It is true you will look less odd because you have been peeling off layers all winter long, but let’s review:

  1. No matter how hot or humid the weather suddenly gets, do not take off more clothes than is respectable for a woman your age.

That means: No Short-shorts. No Tube Tops. No Forgetting Underwear

  1. You can not walk through a sprinkler in your clothes.
  1. You can not turn the thermostat in every room at work and home to 60 degrees.
  1. You can not ban sunshine.
  1. You can not banish summer from finally arriving!

Remember, waterproof make-up, open toe shoes, wicking clothes, and no Spanx.

If you have to be outside, fans make a lovely accessory as well as a lightweight wide brimmed hat.

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