Thinking About Spring Skies

This is when our skies become a canvas of color.

by KANDACE • Member { View Profile }

Violet skies return as spring is back on the island. The sunsets are glorious always, and this time of year is certainly no exception. Looking out over the ocean and seeing the sky turn from orange, to soft yellow to violet gives me pause. I think of what the day has brought and determine that each challenge should be used as an opportunity to reexamine my vision for tomorrow. I will reassess my gifts that today brought and look forward to discover new and attainable goals. While I realize that it does not really set but actually the earth is turning. Ever so slowly and constant….. rotating and orbiting all at once. In March the fire in the sky is directly in front of our sandy shore. The reflection during the day creates an exquisite glimmer and the blue sky shining through the crystal waters makes for the different hues of blues. Turquoise, teal, aquamarine, deep indigo. As the day continues, the heat becomes more intense even with the light breeze that continually blows across the land.

And then respite from the blazing shining fire ball. This is when our skies become a canvas of color. Spring is here and with this season we welcome back not only hotter days but some of the most glorious evening panoramic views. Sit, relive the moments and venture into the possibilities of what aurora in the morning will yield. There is an old saying “The world is your oyster” I know it was in a Shakespeare play (I think "The Merry Wives of Windsor"), but I like to think the meaning is this: Oysters produce pearls, objects of great beauty. Once you have the oyster, it gives up the pearl without much of a fight. Getting the pearl requires the oyster to be opened which does take a bit of work. But despite the hardness of the oyster shell with the right tools it can be opened, and the pearl is yours for the keeping. So as you go about your daily lives this spring, sit back and gaze at the sunset as the days end and look forward to tomorrow for as the world turns and the seasons come so do the days and happily the evenings with the glow trailing into the evening shadows.

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