Tips to Bring Out The Best Version of Yourself

How to use sleep, nutritious food, and exercise to your best advantage.

by Joanne Gouaux • Member { View Profile }
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Being able to like the person we see in the mirror requires we spend time in our own thoughts and feelings. I believe we can only love others as much as we love ourselves. All day long I find myself whispering all kinds of things to myself. Stressful situations fuel an already spinning mind. In the times when I feel weary, I remind myself of the rituals that make me feel my best. I’d like to share a list of restorative ideas that don’t require pouring your heart out, instead it’s simply a few small practices that will put your mind and body more at ease.

1) Sleep. Sleep is powerful. It affects many facets of our long-term and short-term memory, our ability to provide appropriate responses, to assess risks accurately, make informed decisions, the ability to plan and coordinate — the list goes on.

2) Eat Nutritious Foods. Eatting healthy foods sounds obvious, and yet eatting nutritious food may be easier said than done. Be kind to your body, and your body will return the favor.

3) Take a Hike. Hiking is an inexpensive way to stay healthy, reduce stress and clear your mind. Find a green space, and go!

4) Do Something For Someone. Plain and simple, the act of carrying out a thoughtful deed for another person makes at least two people feel good (the giver & reciever). Focusing our attention away from serving our own life, and attuning to the needs of another person is a wonderful opportunity to remove some of the mounting pressure that comes from focusing all of one's energy on responsbility.

5) Practice Self Compassion. Compassion is an awareness of suffering and a desire to alleviate it. Many people find it easier to feel compassion toward friends and loved ones, and easily overlook their own need for kindness and understaning. Learning to accept ourselves increases our enjoyment of life.

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