Today I Was Carded!

I should have my AARP card in my wallet, but I refuse.

by Evelyn Rodriguez • Member { View Profile }
Photograph: iStock

O.K. What’s on my mind? Here it goes. Today was special, unlike any other day I’ve had. I was carded. Y,ep carded. Not at 7-11 nor at Buffalo Wild Wings for beer or wine, but at AC Moore, the craft store. The cashier asked for my AARP card. There, I said it. Yep, I should have my AARP card in my wallet, but I refuse. I am not going down without a fight.

At first, I could not believe my ears. Did she just say, “Mam, do you have your AARP Card.” Or was it just my imagination? I thought, “My AARP card?” Are you kidding? I looked around. Is she talking to me? This must be a mistake.

I feel like 45, maybe some days younger — even after all the health issues I’ve been through. But, did she see something I cannot see? Wait a second. Have I turned into one of those women who thinks she looks fab for her age. “For her age!” What does that mean? For me, it means 45 on good days, and 49 on not so good hair days. No way I could look like I should have an AARP Card and do I look like I am over 50? In my head , no way, but today I got that wake-up call, Could it all be in my head? But I feel so young! I vaguely remember the incident. I was in shock. I looked straight at the cashier and said, “No.” I thought to myself, "Why would I even want a discount? I don’t even 'feel' like I am 50."

She just smiled as I swiped my card. "Would you like a bag, mam?" she aksed. "No thank you," I said. As I walked to my car proudly smiling, I could not help feeling like I was 54. I think I’ll put that AARP card in my wallet after all.

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