Turning a Loss into a New Beginning

by Carla Beaumont • More.com Member { View Profile }
CEW 2010 award for Root Essentials

I’ve always told my kids, it’s not about starting over, it’s about going back; finding a way to layer the experiences of our past to create our future.  A loss can become a beginning, if we choose it to be so. My name is Carla Beaumont, and I’m the creator behind root essentials, www.myrootessentials.com.

I’ve always been in the telecommunications industry and my successes have been primarily with leveraging technology to reduce cost, improving processes, and increasing efficiencies. My greatest personal satisfaction, however, came when I discovered the solution to an annoying problem with my hair, my gray hair. I created a “dry” natural product that let you brush it, blend it, leave it, and one that would "naturally", restore the health to my hair, protect it with SPF protection, while adding colour to the gray roots. Just like my technical profession, I decided the approach would be to blend multiple benefits into one product.  Very appropriate that the finished product would help others, save time, money, and solve a problem, right up my alley! We launched root essentials September 2009 in Hollywood California, and we received in 2010 " Insiders Choice Award" from CEW beauty organization. Something that I spent over 20 years fighting against is now what empowers me.  I not only found a way to restore my roots but to add pep to my step.  I embrace the grays, challenges, and look for ways to continually improve our product, and spread the magic to our customers.  We’ve just launched Root Causes, where we will be donating funds to our customers favorite charities.

In the beginning challenges were the norm and expected. I would jokingly say, “This is good, the harder the journey, the better the story and outcome”; however there was a time when I felt like giving up. Root essentials was self-funded so after borrowing once from the family, I went back for more, and was told absolutely not a good idea. I knew in my gut I had to finish what I started and this felt like one of those walls for sure. I stewed for awhile, and then realized I wasn’t following my own advice. I started to pray, meditate, and exercise, and just had faith somehow it would work out. Shortly later I was notified that root essentials (www.myrootessentials.com) was selected as CEW Beauty finalist.  Root essentials is now sold globally, something I’m very proud of since woman like me are really enjoying it! 

If you have a passion in life, go for it. If you’re not sure what it is, keep searching, don’t settle. Stay positive, be kind to yourself and others. It makes life more rewarding. Above all, I’ve learned death doesn’t separate us, and by having faith it actually guides us. We learn more from our losses then our gains.

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