Tweeting My Daughter

What's a mom looking for 100 Facebook friends to do? Google her daughter, of course.

by Elizabeth Titus • Member { View Profile }

I’ve been on Facebook since 2007, and I don’t even have a 100 friends. But as I grow close to that magic number, I am desperate to reach it.

Quick: How to find friends?! I only need 13 to hit 100. Should I ask my daughter, who is 19 and at college, for advice? She is taking courses in social media and hopes to become a digital media strategist, whatever that means.

She told me lately that after passing the 2,000-friend mark, she quit Facebook.

“What?” I asked her. “You do everything through Facebook. Remember how at your senior prom, the kids updated photos instantly. So everyone knew who was wearing what, drinking what, smoking what…”

“I’m in college now, Mom,” she informed me. “I have no time for Facebook. Besides, I’m not friends with most of those people anymore.”

“I’m impressed,” I told her.

But a few weeks later, when I Googled her — yes, I Google my own child since she has never friended me on Facebook  — and up popped her Facebook page. Wait, she has only 203 friends? Who are these people? Where are all her high school friends? She told me she hasn’t really made that many friends at college because she studies all the time.

And she has a Twitter account now? And she’s on Pinterest? And Google+? And she has a WordPress blog? LinkedIn? Who knew.

My child, my one and only child, is in cyberspace. And I am learning more about her, meeting her new friends, following her Tweets, checking out what she’s posted on Pinterest. She even has a section for Digital Strategy, along with mean cat jokes.

And her Tweets!

Habitat for Humanity‏‪@Habitat_org

‪#Didyouknowthat cars today are about 98% recyclable? ‪#Habitatrecycles cars to raise funds to build homes. Learn how ‪ 

I am impressed. She volunteers for Habitat.

And she Tweeted about a news story she saw on the BBC! I could never get her to read the New York Times, and now, she’s following BBC news. The story is about an incident involving racism at Oberlin College in Ohio, where our friend Kitt goes. It’s known for its liberalism. So this story has taken off. Should I Tweet her back? Or Retweet? What is my password on Twitter?

All this, and she’s only a freshman. But oh, what a difference that first year makes. She is fortunate in that she aleady knows what she wants to do in the world — digital strategy. And if this is her goal, she's got to stay abreast of what's going on in cyberspace. I'm happy about this, because I'm getting to know her as she grows into a mature young woman.

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