This is What 40+ Looks Like: Bikini Edition

These MORE members all look amazing at 40+, 50+ and 60+. But what we really admire is their confidence.
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Chocoholic in a Bikini

"Today, I raise my fork-full of gloriously rich, creamy, and flavorful raw, organic strawberry ‘cheesecake’ in salute to my former self and thank enlightenment for my best health ever, the energy to parent three young children, recover my eldest from the worst of severe autism, the strength to train for my first ever Olympic length triathalon, and the courage to don an itsy bitsy teeny weeny cheetah polka spot bikini!" "Read Liz’s full story":

My First Bikini

"At 20 and 30 I was beautiful, but so worried about what everyone may think that I wouldn’t wear a bikini. What was I thinking? Somewhere between 45 and 50 I wore my first bikini since I was maybe 18, and it felt great! My age does not define who I am, my beauty, my health, or my desires in life." "Read FoodChick’s full story":

My 62-Year-Old Bikini Body

"I teach extreme indoor cycling at our local wellness center in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and my students love the fact that I am 62 and have as much energy or more than many of my much younger students. If you keep yourself fit, keep an open mind, and laugh a lot, you will stay young." "Read April’s full story":

My First Fitness Competition

"I was about to turn 45 and I thought it might be fun to push myself to be in the best shape I’d ever been in. My personal trainer suggested that I enter a ‘Figure Competition.’ He explained to me that a Figure Competition was a contest where women are judged on muscular symmetry and tone. I thought it sounded like a good challenge and agreed to train for it. When the day of the actual competition arrived, I had already achieved my goal because I really was in the best shape of my life!" "Read Jana’s full story":

Moments of Bliss

"When people say, ‘You look great. You are so lucky to not have to worry about your weight!’ I say, ‘Grrr! I work on my weight and health EVERY day!’ Truthfully, it’s more important for me to FEEL great. Looking good is a byproduct of that. It all goes hand-in-hand." "Read Carol’s full story":

Bikini Ready (or Not)

"I managed to get away with a girlfriend for an overnight at the beach and she convinced me to wear a bikini, which I haven’t done in public for 4 years. I can’t believe I am posting it for all to see." "Read Red’s full story":—or-not-

Bikini Body at 63

"I like the general attitude that all ages can be rich, fulfilled and beautiful. Age is in the mind!" "Read Conceição’s full story":—o-brito

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