What Horses Know

As an animal lover, I believe they know when you are hurt, not feeling well, and that you love them.

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In March 2011, my Appaloosa Pony, Frosty, was diagnosed with a Squamous-Cell Carcinoma (cancer) in his right eye. One of the top equine hospitals in Kentucky performed surgery on his eye. I advised them to do whatever it takes to save his eye. Today, he is on chemotherapy medicine indefinitely.

It was a rainy day, and Frosty was outside in his shelter with two other horse friends. I was wearing a green raincoat. As I approached the shelter, two of the horses ran out (scared of my rain coat), but Frosty just stood there. I went up and gave him his daily medicine. (He has been such a trooper in receiving his medicine both orally and in his eye).

After I gave him his medicine, I turned and proceeded to walk out of the shelter. I slipped and fell coming out of the shelter, landing on my back and shoulder, and my head had hit the ground. As I was falling, I looked up, and one of the horses turned and kicked out in fear. With mud flying everywhere, he missed kicking my face by inches. As I got up slowly, in tears, I proceeded to start my long walk to the gate. I felt a nudge at my back. It was Frosty! As he walked beside me, I placed my arm around his neck to hang on, and we walked to the gate together. When we got to the gate, I looked at him, gave him a kiss, and said, thank you my friend.”

As a true animal lover, I believe they know when you are hurt, not feeling well, feel their pain and love them.

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