What I Share with Sandy's Victims

Watching those left in Sandy's wake prompts memories of a long-ago fire and its simple lesson.

by Donna Lewis • More.com Member { View Profile }

Just so you know, I am not the type to say "one day you'll be glad this happened."

I am not glad that there was a fire. 

But it was a lifetime (or three) ago and, for whatever reason, what came out of it was almost all good. There was very little bad that came out of it, except for an expensive 1984 when I replaced clothes and books.

There's really no point to this essay. I have no words of wisdom — especially not for any Sandy victims who have lost much more than their belongings. I only know that every day you're alive is a day you should try to keep moving forward. Backward isn't good and stagnant gets dull.

How's that for some valuable insight?

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