When the Child Becomes the Parent

As our parents age or become ill, we become the parents, and the transition can be difficult.

by Malina Damjanovic • More.com Member { View Profile }

It is funny how things change when you are an adult. As a child, you see your parents as strong, independent and loving. Parents take care of you, and it never ends — even when you are an adult. But parents do age, and so does the role that they play. 

Suddenly you become the parent or caregiver when the parent becomes ill or ages. It is a difficult transition from child to parent. As the parent ages, they tend to have more childlike qualities. Perhaps forgetting something such as taking medicine or perhaps the day of the week. Suddenly we are the caregivers taking care of our loved ones. At times we have help with the caregiving. Other times we do not.

We may also have our own families to take care of. But our concerns fall to our parents. We now take care of them. And return the care that they gave to us. We still see them as our parents eventhough we are now the caregivers. We love them as they have loved us. And will forever be greatful.

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