When Life Hands You Lemons

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Starting over several times in one’s life has become so “normal” there are people who have made a career out of showing both men and women just how to do so. They call themselves “life coaches”. They help their clients’ form and shape new and realistic goals. To find information on how prevalent this situation is I Googled “women over 40, starting over”-a vast display of over 10 pages of specific websites came up for me to weed through! All of them dedicated toward coaching women on how to attain new loves, lifestyles and careers. Walking in to several books stores, I found there are areas dedicated primarily to helping women in transition in both the book and magazine sections.



 At the beginning of this article, I alluded to the old saying about taking life’s lemons and making something more unique than lemonade. Many, many women find themselves with a huge basket of “lemons” what they decide to do is up to them. Some will decide that there is nothing wrong with a nice tall glass of ice cold lemonade. Others, however, will look for ways to make lemon-coconut bars.

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