When Your Soul Says, "Do It!"

At each crossroad you must stop and re-evaluate your life's script. Start with these two questions.

by Saskia Roell • More.com Member { View Profile }
Saskia Röell is a Soul Purpose Coach, radio host, bestselling author, and co-author with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Deepak Chopra.

Is your Soul pushing you to take a leap? Don’t run and hide. Crossroads are a prelude to transformation.

There have been many crossroads in my life, and it wasn’t always easy to live up to the expectations of my Soul. At each crossroad you have to stop and re-evaluate the script of your life. Start by asking yourself two questions:

* Where am I going?

* Is this path aligned with my Soul’s calling?

When I met my current husband, he lived in Taiwan, and I lived in Singapore. When I shook his hand my Soul whispered, “This is the man of your life. He’s the one.” I was shocked because I was already married, and I thought we were happily married. So I answered my Soul and said that I couldn’t leave on the spur of the moment. But my Soul was very clear. She simply said: “Do it.”

That crossroad definitely made me re-examine my life. People advised me to stay in my marriage. They wanted not just an explanation, but a good explanation. They said: “It won’t work out and you will regret your choice.”

Rationally, my first husband had it all, and our life in Singapore was fantastic. But deep down my heart yearned for something more. To make a long story short, I listened to my Soul and left him, leaving myself with no money, no job, and no home. Everybody thought I was crazy: “How can you just follow your heart and give up everything when you only know a guy for four days?"

Of course it was heartbreaking, even though I knew this was the only path for me to take. The truth is when you want to be true to your authentic Self, sometimes you’re asked to risk it all because you believe in the guidance of your Soul. I gave up my certainties to move to Taiwan and live with a man I barely knew. Destiny is clearly not concerned about location. At that time, we’d only spent four days together since our initial meeting half a year earlier. We had only spoken by phone a few times. My heart knew enough. We married — the only Dutch couple to do so — according to Chinese tradition, along with 12 other Chinese couples, and our first child was conceived in Taiwan. We now live happily in America with our five children. Are you wanting to take a leap in your life? If your Soul says, “Do it,” then jump and do it! You’ll be O.K.

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