Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

A famous New York City blackout begins a long night and a strange encounter. 

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Photograph: iStock

The bridge was jammed with cars coming to pick up family or friends stranded in the city, or with cars heading to Brooklyn. Walkers were by the side rails of the bridge. Car lights helped, or it would have been a difficult trip. 

One of the bridge, drivers gave Don and the girl a lift to Grand Army Plaza and Flatbush Avenue. From there, the girl found a phone booth, called her father, and he came and got them, then drove Don home to Flatbush where I was anxiously waiting. Don did call me at one point from a public phone booth. Gratefully, the phones worked. 

Meanwhile, I was due to give birth, and I was a wreck when the lights went out. I was worried about Don, but I was also worried that I might have a natural childbirth, with no meds! Could I even get to a hospital? It was a worrisome night. Don, of course, had been in the dark both physically and mentally, not knowing what was happening, like in a capsule. 

During the long night, I had signs of labor. Our two toddler boys were also with me. My parents who lived nearby came to help if needed. Symptoms subsided with bed rest, and Christopher actually arrived two weeks later than my Thanksgiving due date. 

Ironically, when Don came to Peck Memorial Hospital to visit the baby and me in December, whom do you think he ran into? The very young girl he had been stranded with during the subway blackout adventure one month earlier! She was also visiting a patient. Strange twist of fate!

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