Why I Love Halloween

From the leaves, sweaters, pumpkins, and, of course, candy, there is much to love about Halloween.

by Malina Damjanovic • More.com Member { View Profile }

Halloween falls on the last day in October. It is only one day out of the month. For some of us it may feel like a season. The leaves turn colors in this fun month. The weather gets cooler and crisper. Sweaters are on people walking around. And of course there is Halloween. A day that we get to dress up and get candy or other goodies. It is not only for kids but for grownups alike.

October also has some fun things going on around the city. Until Halloween there are haunted houses to go to. Along with pumpkins to collect and decorate. Scary stories to be told around the city at drifferent venues. And even parades where we get to dress up our pets. Halloween is more then a day. It is a season. A wonderful colorful season. To be enjoyed by everyone.

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