A Woman From Kabul Comes to Dinner

She meets a woman and learns about her project to create a safe space for other women in her country. 

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The other guests now move in on Tabasum, fascinated by her life story. She handles the attention without embarrassment; she is the most poised young woman I have ever met. Here she is, I think, at a dinner party in Connecticut with almost 20 people she’s never met!

The next day, we all want to talk about Tabasum.

“What I want to know,” David, the father of three sons, says, “is where she got the drive.”

“I know,” Scott replied. “What makes some people able to beat all the odds?”

How ironic, I think, that it is the men who want to know this; the women, all survivors of life’s tragedies, know the answer.

A few days later, an email pops up in my in box with the name Tabasum Wolayat. Who? I have never been good with names. It says:

Dear all,

It was a pleasure meeting you in Calvin and Mary’s house. I enjoyed chatting with you very much! I would like to invite you for a Fundraiser Dinner I am organizing to raise $$ for the project my friends and I are running in Kabul, Afghanistan. Young Women for Change (youngwomenforchange.org) has recently opened a women-only Internet café in Kabul. Your donations will help us open more women-only Internet cafés in Afghanistan to create a harassment-free environment for women to network and discuss challenges they face. For more information please see the attachment; feel free to share this email with other friends. I look forward to welcoming you!

Best wishes,


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