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This week I attended my first Writer’s Club meeting.  Now I understand what people do in retirement.  They really should have nurses standing by.  Members get there at six-thirty pm. because it takes them thirty minutes to move from the Library parking lot to the room, using their walkers.  Some were so old their first stories were written on parchment.  I was the youngest one there.  Another man, about fifty-something, first timer, stood alone.  He had almost no upper lip, squinty eyes, and a thin nose which he moved up and down like a mouse.  We had to stand and tell the group our name, the “genre” we write in, and how we found the group.  (“Genre! I had to think fast…uh…”the anthropormophic erotic romance mysteries?”…uh…”literary essays of the old and desperately bored post hippie suburban mom?!”  This tall, thin, pasty colored man, you guessed it was “Science Fiction!”  All I could do was look at him like some prehistoric reincarnated mouse from a Harry Potter novel!  The cookies were great.  AND, the people were friendly.  Another woman, sixty-ish, looked like a nun out of uniform.  Straight, grey, Julie Andrews like hair-only round body with over-hung belly that looked more like a built-in table,-Of Course!!!  “ROMANCE NOVELS!”  She explained to me that she had to do A LOT of research because her novel includes “White Witches”, and you, I’m sure, realize you must have your facts straight when it come to White Witches… 

The Speaker that night was a woman from New York, an ex-Rock Singer, very attractive, in her fifties, with bosoms so large and pointy they were like exclamation points!!  She was sooo New York-“I’m simmering!”, “Say YES if you’re listening!” (I think that one was custom fit for this crowd-she needed audible verification that noone had passed on during her talk…)  We had to read motivational phrases outloud—mine—“YOU DO HAVE ENOUGH TALENT—GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO FEEL YOUR GIFT!”  I had to yell it twice—“That was so GOOD, Say it Again!!!”  Oy.  She was speaking on writing and selling screenplays, having written a book which is now being made into a movie.  It was interesting, and she gave writing tips that were innovative and useful.  The next meeting is an awards dinner at “China Buffet”.  Sadly, I will have to miss it; I really am rooting for “Stewart Little” to get together with the “Sexy White Witch”.   

Next Tuesday there is another group that meets at Borders Books.  I am told to look for the following-a white haired woman, brunette, and a blonde.  Also, Erik, sometimes, but I don’t know his hair color.  I emailed that I am light brown.  I was afraid that if I said Brunette, they’d reject me since they already had that color. 

This is a fascinating journey.  I feel like I will be on this road long after I need a walker; surrounded by writers, friends, and delicious cookies. 

Now, back to my genre… 

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