Writing Is My New Hobby

After years in retail sales, she decides to begin writing and hopes to write a book one day.

by Malina Damjanovic • More.com Member { View Profile }

I started writing as a hobby. I enjoy fashion and makeup and other hobbies. Yoga, photography, and walking my dog Sassy are also a few of my hobbies. As a former sales staff in retail, I learned my passions early. I have a little free time now and decided to take up a few of my hobbies. Writing is a favorite of mine. It helps to relax me and allows me to express my thoughts. I am hoping to make a career out of it. Perhaps go back and take classes to improve my skills. They say a person is never to old to learn new things. I agree with them.

Writing allows everyone to share their emotions no matter what they are. Good or bad you can share them with friends or family. Writing is a good way also to let go of old emotions. And enjoy the new ones. I am hoping to write a book in the near future. And I hope that people will get a chance to read and enjoy it. I would like to share this hobby with everyone.

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