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I had a dream last night about someone in my life that can be very angry.  In my dream she was yelling at me about how I caused her to lose touch with some family members.  She went on and on about how her life was such a disappointment to her because so many have let her down.  As I was listening, I was thinking about her rages, her disrespect to others and her judgment and I was just about to take a deep breath and unload on her about what an idiot she was (OK, maybe not the most enlightened approach but a girl can’t always be on her game, right?)

But as I breathed in, compassion and understanding chocked back my ugly works and I got a whole new perspective.  Instead I told her that no matter what the circumstances are in life, she gets to choose how she wants to be with them.  She gets to choose her reactions and how she deals with life and what goes on around her.  She gets to choose if she wanted to take life’s lessons on for growth or to see it as another brick in the wall.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said no one can make you feel less of yourself without your consent.  We get to choose how we react in this world.

Illness is exhausting, scary and ugly.  It can take many things away from us but what it can’t take is our perspective on how we see life.  It can’t take our vision of what we want to create in the world.  It can’t take our love for humanity or our dignity (no matter how nasty we look).  No matter what.  Some days our choices are harder than others but at the end of the day, they are still ours to choose. Writers note:  After I wrote this I had a reaction to one of the medicines I take.  My family was trying to do something nice for me and I reacted horribly to them by being unappreciative and kind of overall nasty.  After I heard myself complaining about nothing I apologized for my actions and asked for forgiveness. My point here is we all blow it but we can start fresh by realizing that perfection is not our goal, it’s awareness and learning our lessons that helps to create the world we want to live in.

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