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 Let go of the past, but learn from it. We can focus on what we have learned from our past, without getting caught up in repeating our mistakes. We can discover a way to move forward without feeling rotten about the past all the time. We can change the way things are without having to be upset about the way things have been. The past is over…. so get over it!  It is also important for us to let go of who we were or what we did in the past if that is not what we strive to be in the future.


Face your fears. We all have them and they are responsible for holding us back. To identify our fears we need to pay attention and become an observer of ourselves. We need to get to know our mindset- especially patterns like learned pessimism or helplessness and other limiting or negative self statements. Mindset is based on our core beliefs. When we say we are afraid, underneath is a belief we have about ourselves- I am not skilled enough, good enough. etc., or a belief about the world—there is too much competition, people won’t like what I have to offer, etc. When we can let go of fear, doubt we can release ourselves in powerful ways.


The truth is that you can do anything you want to. Stop telling yourself excuses! Go to battle against a lack of vision and planning! Pick yourself up and get tenacious! Look fear in the face and stand up to it! Your whole life depends on it.

The choice is yours. Will you continue to limp along in life because you don’t have the courage to run for your dream and get your aim on?

 You CAN live the life you have always dreamed of. All you want is within your reach. But if you spend five minutes complaining, you have just wasted five minutes. If you continue complaining, it won’t be long before they haul you out to a desert and there let you choke on the dust of your own regret. You cannot take the mild approach to the weeds in your mental garden. You have got to hate weeds enough to kill them. Weeds are not something you handle; weeds are something you get ride of.


 “If you’re hoping to harvest a great life; remember you first have to plant some great seeds.” It is both amazing and powerful!

 Learning anything is possible, no matter what your age. You are never too young or too old. Your mind was created to learn and has a huge capacity to do so. This week, this year make a commitment to unlock the potential of your mind and set aim, you will hit your goal target every time! 

 Autograph your career and your life with excellence.

Donna Beck


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