You're Not Crazy!

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    Every once in a while, we need someone to look us in the eye and say. “You’re not crazy”. Yes, that SUV did cut you off and yes, the car in front of you is driving erratically (they must be on a cell phone) or so painfully slow that it seems a vehicle cannot travel at such a speed. Even if the car was gliding., without  one’s foot on the gas, surely the weight of the car itself would propel it faster than the speed you are traveling. So many of these annoyances I experience each day seem to be around driving  and traffic lately, but there are other situations that should otherwise be pleasant experiences, but more likely tend to be agitating.
    Concerts, for instance, what’s more enjoyable than going to a concert? Recently, it seems I’ve been attending quite a few concerts. Mostly because the groups of my youth are back on the road, and chances of them continuing to do these multi-city tours  when they are all ready middle aged is unlikely. So, with the help of weekly internet alerts, and the summer season, concert tickets have become a routine activity. I love concerts, it’s everybody else who is at the concert that I hate. They stand in front of you, they sing along out loud, they have to get up constantly to go get a beer or go to the bathroom, they even try to have conversations with others. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was the only person who paid for a ticket because half the time the audience is on the move. In reality, I know the tickets prices are substantial. You can hear people around you talk about what they paid. So,why can’t people just come in, sit down and watch the show that they paid a lot of money to see?
Hey Ticketron….Is this a crazy thought?  How about sectioning the audience? Those who are going to stand through out the whole concert will be in this section, those who are going to try to converse on a cell phone during the concert are in this section, and those who can’t sit still for more than ten minutes are in this section. All of you who came to actually listen to the music, and who will remain in their seat unless there’s an emergency, should sit front and center.
    Traveling is a passion of mine. There are so many beautiful places to visit and I love to fly,..there again,  it’s everybody else on the plane I find annoying. The airlines claim they are losing money, but every plane I’ve been on is full. Or in airline lingo “ a very full flight”. Mmmm, either it’s full or it’s not, how can it be very full?
    Anyway, I have been next to more than my share of screaming babies, individuals who coughed and sneezed the entire trip, and people who told you their entire life story, their family’s life story and anything else they could think of until I pretended to fall asleep. Don’t you just love people in front of you reclining their seats back so that their head is in your lap? Yet, how is it when I try to put my seat back, I get knees stopping me from going any further than 2 inches. The fight attendant announces for those seated by the window to pull their shades for better viewing of the movie, and most don’t lower their shades as if they don’t understand English.  Are they that tuned out that they didn’t comprehend what was said? Or. is it a rebellious, “you can’t tell me what to do” silence. These are the very same people I may have to colloborate with in an emergency situation. What about the kids behind you who are constantly kicking the back of your seat? This has happened to you, hasn’t it? Why don’t their parents inform them that their behavior is disturbing to others?
     Okay, so, maybe an upgrade will help. Certainly in business class, there will no children. Or,  now that school is in session, there wouldn’t be any children on flights.  Well, I have seen infants and children even in business class, and there doesn’t seem to be any off time, because parents take their childrens out of school any time the flight rate warrants a trip. How would you like to pay for a business class seat, and find an infant next to you?  Perhaps airlines could offer adult only flights?

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