20 Memoirs That Will Make You LOL


Need a good laugh? Pick up one of these 20 books from the queens of comedy. 

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‘Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me’ by Chelsea Handler and Friends


With three bestselling books under her belt, Chelsea Handler is a star of the funnygirl memoir genre. Her latest is a collection of essays written by Handler’s nearest and dearest, detailing many of the comedienne’s devilish pranks. Fans of her earlier books will appreciate this dishy, fresh perspective on the quick-witted host of Chelsea Lately.  

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‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’ by Mindy Kaling


On The Office, Mindy Kaling plays a ditzy customer service representative who is often lost in the show’s large ensemble. But Kaling is also a veteran writer for the show, crafting some of its best episodes (“Ben Franklin,” “Michael’s Last Dundees”). Now Kaling is striking out on her own with Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, a collection of her musings on friendship, one-night stands and corrupt cupcake shops. Preorder at amazon.com.

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‘You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl’ by Celia Rivenbark


Following the success of her bestselling memoir You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start In The Morning, humorist Rivenbark offers even more wickedly funny observations on pop culture and the art of reaching a certain age (“Menopause Spurs Thoughts of Death and Turkey”). Sprinkled throughout the snark are recipes straight from her North Carolina kitchen. Preorder at amazon.com

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‘Official Book Club Selection’ by Kathy Griffin

If you thought she was wild on My Life on the D-List, just wait until you crack open Kathy Griffin's candid memoir. Griffin chronicles her multiple liposuctions, tough childhood and ridiculous dating life (from Conan O’Brien to Steve Wozniak) with both touching honesty and R-rated wit.

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‘It Looked Different on the Model’ by Laurie Notaro


In the opening vignette of It Looked Different on the Model, renowned ‘Idiot Girl’ Laurie Notaro takes readers to a place many have been but few have so humorously captured: the dressing room. Visitors to Notaro’s riotous world will laugh along with her struggles as an adult who never felt ready for adulthood.

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‘The Bedwetter’ by Sarah Silverman


Comedienne Sarah Silverman may be known for her in-your-face humor, but in her surprisingly sincere memoir, The Bedwetter, she shares stories about wetting the bed as a teenager and dealing with severe depression. Still, plenty of jokes follow, such as this one: “Unvisited tombstones, unread diaries, and erased video game high-score rankings are three of the most potent symbols of mankind's pathetic and fruitless attempts at immortality.”

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‘How Did You Get This Number’ by Sloane Crosley


Sloane Crosley’s humor is more smart than hysterical and her second book, How Did You Get This Number, follows the writer around the world as she gets caught in sticky situations in Lisbon, Alaska and New York City.

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‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey


With great humor and ease, It-girl Fey takes readers through her awkward childhood in Pennsylvania, her comedy beginnings in Chicago and her booming success in New York City on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

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‘I Don't Care About Your Band’ by Julie Klausner


Through a refreshingly snarky lens, comedienne Klausner details her relationships with vegans, 20-somethings and guys she's met on the Internet. Don’t just take it from us—her devoted fans include Patton Oswalt and Rachel Dratch.

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‘My Fair Lazy’ by Jen Lancaster


In her fifth memoir, veteran humorist Lancaster attempts to put down her remote and focus on life's other pleasures: literature, art and fine dining. The result is a hilarious lesson in being comfortable in one's own skin. 

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‘My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me’ by Hilary Winston


Breaking up is hard to do. But breaking up is really hard to do when your ex writes a thinly veiled post-break up novel about your relationship, frequently referring to you as his “fat-assed girlfriend.” With self-deprecating schadenfreude, Community writer Hilary Winston sets her relationship story straight.

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‘I Know I Am, But What Are You?’ by Samantha Bee


As a senior correspondent for the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Bee routinely turns national news into a joke. But in her first memoir, the comic targets herself. Caught in her own crosshairs, Bee shares vignettes from her eccentric upbringing and her Catholic school roots. 

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‘I'm Kind of a Big Deal’ by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor


In her fourth essay collection, writer and blogger Stefanie Wilder-Taylor shares her experiences in Hollywood, stalking reality show bachelors and driving limos for former child stars, offering an uncensored glimpse into the "real" Tinseltown. 

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‘Not Tonight, Honey’ by Susan Reinhardt


Syndicated columnist Susan Reinhardt has become well known around the country for her blunt Southern humor. In Not Tonight, Honey, she tells shockingly funny stories, including watching a wedding minister's colostomy bag burst and illicitly taming her husband's overactive libido with Zoloft. 

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‘People Are Unappealing’ by Sara Barron

From her strange suburban childhood (writing porn at age 11, being mistaken for a transvestite at age 12) to her dating mishaps as an adult in New York City, Barron rivals David Sedaris and other  dark humorists with this well-crafted, oddball first memoir.

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‘Notes from the Underwire’ by Quinn Cummings


Quinn Cummings is a former child star, famous for her Academy Award-nominated role in Neil Simon's 1977 film, The Goodbye Girl. Here she chronicles how she gracefully stepped out of the spotlight to tackle the absurdities of domestic life. 

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‘I Remember Nothing’ by Nora Ephron


Ephron paved the way for many of the women on this list with her expansive career as a female humor writer. In her most recent collection of essays, she is at her best, observing the oddities of aging and recalling memories with poignant wit. 

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‘I'm Down’ by Mishna Wolff


In her memoir, humorist Wolff details her experience growing up white in an all-black Seattle neighborhood. Racial tension isn't something to laugh at, but Wolff's narrative reads like a lighthearted sitcom as she pokes gentle fun at her white father who thinks he's black and who encourages his two daughters to embrace black culture, despite what the kids at school think. 

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‘Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy’ by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson


Blue Collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy is a fan of this Southern writer, and it's not hard to see why. Rushing Tomlinson is as relatable as she is hilarious in her latest collection of essays. From handling hot flashes to handling finances, this down-home woman offers refreshing answers to all of life's burning questions. 

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‘Someone Will Be with You Shortly’ by Lisa Kogan


In this collection of essays, Kogan deftly explores life’s idiosyncrasies. She is the ultimate modern woman—sharp, compelling and eternally juggling her career, family and social life. This book reads like a hearty laugh with a close friend. 



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First Published July 25, 2011

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