Capturing Memories: A Photographer's Images of His Aging Parents

Timothy White is chronicling his mother and father in their final chapter of life

by Suzanne Gerber • Next Avenue
timothy white photography parents image

Timothy White” and “celebrity portrait photographer” are synonymous. For three decades, White, 56, has been one of the pre-eminent chroniclers of Hollywood and the music industry. He has shot virtually every contemporary star (including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles) for movie posters and magazine and record covers.

But his most passionate photographic work focuses on two people you’ve never heard of: Joseph and Mary White, his 93-year-old parents. Culling from hundreds of images of them, White has begun the labor of love that will be his sixth book, as yet untitled. He exclusively shared with Next Avenue these photographs, taken over the past several years in or near their home in Fort Lee, N.J.

Why are you taking these photographs of your parents?
I’ve always photographed my parents, but now that they’ve gotten so old, it feels like a chapter of my life is about to close, and I want to be sure to read it fully. Photographing my parents in their everyday lives is about them, my relationship with them, my self, aging, and caring about them in a different way. It’s important to me to document this. It feels like something I was destined to do.

Check out Timothy's images of his parents here on Next Avenue.

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