Hey, Guys: Beware That Sexy Woman Who Wants to Be Facebook Friends

Men are more likely than women to fall for scams from beautiful strangers on the site.

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Taking a page fresh from those old 1-900 phone-sex ads promising that gorgeous, young and perfectly toned women would be at the other end of the line, Facebook scam artists are homing in on their prey with the same concept—and men are taking the bait.

CBS News reports a new study by Bitdefender, an antivirus-software company, surveyed roughly 1,650 users of the social network in the United States and the U.K. and found men were more apt to accept a friend request from a stranger when she was a hot woman. A guy’s appearance didn’t seem to factor into whether a woman said yes to a request.

Furthermore, 16 percent of women let strangers search their Facebook profiles, while 24.5 percent of men do, according to the network.

“Men expose themselves to risks more than women, especially when accepting friendship from unknown persons,” George Petre, Bitdefender social media security-product manager, tells CBS.

Come to think of it, dialing those 1-900 numbers seems pretty risk free compared with opening up your computer’s security to a “sexy” stranger, now doesn’t it?

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First Published November 11, 2011

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