See! The Sexes Do Have Different Vision

Study finds men and women perceive colors, details differently

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Find that you don’t often see eye to eye with the men in your life? Blame your eyes.

A new vision study found women’s eyes see color changes more readily, while men’s eyes are “more sensitive to small details and moving objects,” LiveScience reports.

“As with other senses, such as hearing and the olfactory system, there are marked sex differences in vision between men and women,” researcher Israel Abramov says in a statement reported on the website. “[A] recent, large review of the literature concluded that in most cases females had better sensitivity and discriminated and categorized odors better than males.”

Well, duh—a sniff of pretty much any dude’s gym bag will tell you that. And trust us, we don’t need to see it to categorize it.

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