Retiring? Check Out South Dakota!

The state boasts two of the top retirement cities, according to a new report

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Spending retirement lying on a beach all day is for sissies. Today’s baby boomers plan to keep moving after they quit working, CNN reports, and they’re looking to settle down in cities where they can stay active and healthy.

The “Best Cities for Successful Aging” report from the Milken Institute, a nonprofit think tank, looked at national data for things like health care, culture, transportation and housing and ranked the top cities for both big and small metro areas, according to the network.

Are you ready to check out Provo, Utah? The Western city leads the large metro list, followed by Madison, Wisconsin; Omaha; Boston; New York; Des Moines; Salt Lake City; Toledo, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; and Pittsburgh, respectively.

If smaller is more your size, there’s top-rated Sioux Falls, South Dakota, followed by Iowa City, Iowa; Bismarck, North Dakota; Columbia, Missouri; Rochester, Minnesota; Gainesville, Florida; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Missoula, Montona; Durham, North Carolina; and Rapid City, South Dakota.

With all those Midwestern cities on the list, seems as if snowbirds are turning into snow bunnies, huh?

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