Mirror Image: Women Look at Reflection Eight Times a Day

New U.K. survey shows we’ll check ourselves out pretty much anywhere

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Hey, maybe if we gaze into it enough, we’ll finally get the answer we’re looking for.

London’s Daily Mail reports a recent survey by Simple Skincare finds women take a peek at their reflection eight times a day on average and aren’t afraid to do so in someone else’s sunglasses, a cell phone screen, a store window or a car mirror. Well, duh!

Of course, actual mirrors are also important, with 10 percent of those surveyed admitting to using a mirrored compact at least 10 times daily at work, according to the newspaper. How else can we be sure that lunchtime salad isn’t sticking in our teeth?

But it’s a love-hate relationship, this mirror business. The Daily Mail reports three fourths of the women surveyed said they hate looking at their reflection. That’s a shame. We may not always be thrilled with what we see, and our beauty may never rival that of Snow White, but who cares? Now could you please move a little to the left? We can’t quite make out how we look in these jeans in the reflection on the computer screen.

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