Mirrors Are NOT Required

Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself and wonder who that older woman in the mirror is? Read on. 

by Carol Chaves • More.com Member { View Profile }
Photograph: iStock

Alas, I awaken from my fantasy. The truth is, I am getting older; my body and look is changing; the clothes and hairstyles of youth don't look appropriate on a middle-aged woman; society does view aging as a bad thing. Do we have to buy into the negativity associated with this new phase in our lives, however? No, we do NOT. I, for one, am doing my best to rebuke this attitude. It takes constant self-assurance that age should not matter; I can still look good, feel good, and age well. I will take care of myself in every way that I can. I will exercise, eat well, get enough sleep, do my hair and makeup to enhance the package, and wear cute clothes, as long as they are appropriate. If I feel good, I will look better; it's a fact.

Mirrors are not required, but they do help in the process of aging, I admit reluctantly. I will try to become friends with mirrors again, as I grow into this middle age thing. There's not much time, though. Before too long, old age will be upon me, and the person in the mirror will be looking back at me wondering what happened to the cute middle-aged gal she saw just recently.

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