Mama Needs Her Facebook

New survey finds nearly 75 percent of mothers are on social-network site

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Do you ever wonder how moms ever lived without Facebook? How they survived without smartphones? Seriously, how did Carol Brady keep track of the statuses of six kids without social networking? How did June Cleaver keep tabs on the Beav with no texting? Oh, the humanity!

Today reports a new Nielsen survey titled “The Digital Lives of American Moms” finds 72.5 percent of mothers were on Facebook in March, with 24.3 percent visiting Blogger, 14.1 percent on Twitter, 10.8 percent on WordPress and 8.3 percent checking out Tumblr.

The survey also shows more than half of moms—54 percent—use smartphones, according to the news show. That’s a higher percentage than average in the United States. We get it: When you’re racing from school to work to meetings to school to soccer practice to the store, when else are you going to find time to play around on Pinterest with the 4.9 million other moms who went to the site in March?

And don’t forget shopping. Today adds that moms are “35 percent more likely to shop for clothes, 50 percent more likely to buy toys, 29 percent more likely to buy music and 23 percent more likely to purchase e-books online within the past 30 days,” the Nielsen report states.

On second thought, maybe it was better that Mrs. Brady didn’t have Facebook, e-tail and blogging tools at her disposal. Mike’s architect salary might not have covered all the expenses. And fun as it is to pin stuff, play Fruit Ninja and shop for shoes during a board meeting, we’d probably trade all that for an Alice of our own anyway.

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