15 Money Managing Apps

Keep watch on your finances and monitor your spending, even while you're on the move.

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With this personal finance service site’s app (Free, itunes.com) you can see all of your accounts—checking, savings, retirement—in one place. Mint will also make a budget for you, based on your spending, that will help you stay on track.


In addition to tracking your accounts and investments, this app (Free, itunes.com) will send helpful reminders to pay bills. An added bonus: It shows your frequent flyer miles, rewards, mobile minutes, text and data usage.

Yahoo! Finance

Get your financial news fix when you download this app from Yahoo! (Free, itunes.com). You’ll get accurate, real time data on market conditions; watch the stocks you care about on your personal quotes page. It also offers trend analysis and price charts to help you make sense of the bigger picture.


This user-friendly, portfolio-management app ($0.99, itunes.com) allows you to create a Watchlist of an unlimited number of stocks—including those you own already and those that you’re considering buying. The newer version also has a Sync service that backs up your data and enables you to access it across digital platforms.


Ditch the checkbook and skip the ATM when you use this digital payment app (Free, itunes.com). Collect money for a group gift or transfer money to a friend by bumping your phones together to exchange contacts. In addition, if your friend gives you a check, you can take a picture of it on your phone and the money will be added to your account.


Out of cash? Accepting payments from customers and friends is as quick as a swipe with this app (Free, itunes.com) and its accompanying card reader, which plugs directly into your iPhone.


Stay on top of your most important bills through alerts from this app ($1.99, itunes.com), and sync up with your spouse to share upcoming due dates. Its simple interface makes avoiding late fees that much easier.

Coupon Sherpa

Find discounts right on your phone while shopping with this price-busting app (Free, itunes.com). Search the store name or category to find in-store coupons to use at the checkout, or email a great deal to a friend.


A great shopping companion, this app ($1.99, itunes.com) compares prices between products to find the best deal per unit price, regardless of package size or unit of measurement. A great tool for price negotiations!

Fuel Finder

Scout out gas prices in your area with this fuel-finding app ($2.99, itunes.com). Once you’ve chosen your station, the app will provide directions and estimated drive time to get there, and will also let you know about extra services at the location, such as an ATM or a car wash.

Grocery Gadget

Stop wasting time on rebuilding grocery lists each month and create your virtual list with this app ($3.99, itunes.com). The tool records products and prices as you shop and organizes items by category. Plus, you can sync up shopping lists with your spouse—and get out of the store that much quicker.

Retire Logix

This interactive retirement calculator (Free, itunes.com) looks at your income, as well as your annual retirement spending, retirement age, social security contributions, asset values, inflation and other inputs to come up with a projected retirement scenario.


Shave off time spent on filling out expense reports by recording your business-travel purchases directly on your phone with this app ($4.99, itunes.com). Add your receipts as photo attachments.


Check your estimated credit score and see how it stacks up against those in your area with this app (Free, itunes.com).


From the makers of the popular tax software, this app (Free, itunes.com) helps you estimate your tax returns so you know what to expect come April.


Learn how to improve your time management HERE.


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First Published July 21, 2011

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robin 08.31.2011

Ummm, Hello... More magazine might want to add Android apps to their lists, as not everyone has an IPhone.

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