MORE of the Same

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That's what I want from here on out, more of the same.  After finally stop listening to others & do what I know is right for me, the reward is freedom to come & go as I please without answering to anyone.  Having been on all the continents, & all the oceans, & all 50 states, I now own real estate on every continent (except Antarctica) despite flack from everyone about how dumb it is.

It took me 50 years to realize that when people protest my dreams & desires, what they're really saying is how insecure & jealous they are.  The worst was family members.  Mothers hold their daughters back more than any man could ever hope to.

I shutter to think how much farther along I'd be now if I'd started doing what I'm doing sooner.  I am basically uneducated & untalented, & buying up houses & fixing them up & renting them out is fun & rewarding; I get to travel & make friends; I'm losing weight & feeling great, & I can do this 'til the day I die.  & Those who don't like it had better either have a better game plan for me, or get outta the way.

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