World’s Most Expensive Flip-Flops Can Be Yours for $18,000

Money for hand-painted sandals to go to rain forest preservation.

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter
Photograph: Chipkos

We’re kinda flipping out over these new flip-flops, but the price of this pair of summer sandals definitely leaves us dizzy.

Chipkos, an eco-friendly footwear company, has come out with what it calls the "World’s Most Expensive Pair of Flip-Flops," according to a press release. The price for the sandals hand-painted by Los Angeles artist David Palmer? A cool $18,000.

If that sounds like a ridiculous amount of dough to spend on shoes (you could pick yourself up at least 25 pairs of Manolos for that price!), know the money goes to protecting 100,000 square feet of rain forest land. You also get a meet and greet with Palmer and a two-night stay at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

"This piece represents a unique opportunity for a philanthropist to support a major initiative to conserve endangered rain forest land in Costa Rica," Norm Gershenz, executive director of, says in the release.

Buying shoes for a good cause? We can get behind that. Just take our advice and refrain from wearing this collector's item at the beach. That would really be a flop.

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First Published August 11, 2011

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