How To Get Your Teen To Do Homework

We all know yelling doesn't work. Consider these ideas on how to modify teen behavior.

by Ginger Long • Member { View Profile }
Photograph: iStock

What the heck. They are going to be embarrassed, rolling their eyes and not taking us too seriously so we may as well have some fun — and maybe motivate them without yelling. We may even let them decide what they would prefer. You know they love to be in charge and make parental decisions on their own.

 I'm working on my smoker's voice and raunchy jokes, a few head-thrown-back cackles, sit-ups in public, or maybe, enlisting the school to make personal announcements on my behalf for my son?  "Immediately following the pledge would Johnny Doe-eyes please come to the main office? You forgot to kiss your mother goodbye this morning. SAT sign-ups will be held in the guidance office, and Driver's Ed class is cancelled after school today.”

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