“What I Do to Look My Best”

Beauty guru Trish McEvoy shares ten things that make her feel beautiful.

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Trish McEvoy

Trish started her career working behind a department store cosmetic counter and set off to create her own makeup company at age 25. Since then, she has also launched a Manhattan-based skin-care center with her husband, Ronald Sherman, MD, a dermatologist.

Trish McEvoy

“Having my hair professionally blown out”

“Getting my hair blown out makes me feel so good. Hair is so important, and this just makes my day.”

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“Working out”

“I just feel so much better mentally and physically after exercising on the treadmill. I love it.”

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“Going to Central Park”

“Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing the seasons change and the beauty of magnificent Central Park. The foresight of its design is just so unbelievable.”

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Kérastase Shampoos

“I can depend on this product. No matter what, I know my hair will always look the same way.”


Shown: Kérastase Bain Satin, $35. Click to buy.

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L'Oréal Elnett Hairspray

“I never have to worry when I use this—not about humidity, maintenance, nothing.”


Shown: L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray in Strong Hold, $14. Click to buy.

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Stephen Knoll Hydro Repair Mist

“I have never liked to use conditioner, but my hair definitely needs it. Nothing works for me as well as this does—love it!”


$23.50; click to buy.

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My Eye Base Essentials

“So many women are concerned about darkness under the eye, but brightening above the eye is so important. It’s my first makeup step every single time—the magic of brightening and evening out the lid is unreal.”


$25; click to buy.

Photo courtesy of Trish McEvoy

My Correct and Brighten

“This banishes my shadows and gives the illusion of light when I need it most. Amazing.”


$38; click to buy.

Photo courtesy of Trish McEvoy

My Sexy Gardenia Fragrance

“I like to call fragrance an unseen accessory. Just one spritz brings enchantment and transformation.”


$52; click to buy.

Photo courtesy of Trish McEvoy

"A wonderful weekend with my husband in Southampton"

“Nothing is better than quality time with my honey at our home in Southampton—it is the ultimate luxury.”

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First Published April 26, 2011

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