A Pain-free Day for My Dog Sadie

Sometimes it helps to imagine a perfect day where pets, parents, children, and husbands share happiness and health. 

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If I had one day to live and could have anything I wanted, I would live that day without ciabetes. I would live the day without my daughter having an eating disorder. The anger would leave my sons for that day. My husband would finally have enough money to buy a new pair of shoes without the worry of where we would come up with money to pay all of our bills. My little Sadie dog is free of pain and wagging her cute little tail. My granddaughter would be respectful. I would drink wine only for the appreciation of its aroma and flavor. I would see that bright smile and glowing light in my dad’s eyes that tell me he is O.K. My mom would leave heaven for a day and see that she was responsible for a job well done.

On that special day, I would find myself in a Thomas Kincaid painting, walking through the snow to a cozy little home with white smoke flowing from the stone fireplace. There is a small deer standing next to a frozen stream welcoming me home. I see a woman in a rocking chair with her back facing the beautiful bay window, light up with bright, clear Christmas lights. I do not recognize the silhouette of the man standing next to her chair with his back to me, but they seem to have a familial relationship, such as a father gently touching his daughter’s shoulder to provide comfort. 

I feel good because the day has been perfect. My mind is clear and my body is strong. I can’t wait to enter the small, enclosed porch on the side of the house knowing that this is going to be my heaven on earth. Slowly I open the screen door and walk across the wooden boards to the heavy wooden door. Before I had a chance to knock, the door opens, and I’m greeted by the young, bearded man, “We were expecting you. Please come in.”

“Funny,” I thought to myself, “he looks like the picture of Jesus my mom had hanging on the wall when she was still alive.“ I love Jesus because he was my friend and loved me through my whole life.

The front room has a solid, wood kitchen table off to the right with five mission style chairs on each side and one chair on each end. A kitchen with a gas stove and retro appliances sat behind the dining area. Heavy iron kettles and pots were being used to cook foods with an amazing aroma. The smell of home made bread filled the house.

 Off to my left was a grand, stone fireplace with a padded, spindle rocking chair sitting close to the warm and glowing fireplace. It suddenly occurred to me that this was my mom that I saw through the window. She looked so young and happy! “MOM,” I screamed, as I ran to hug her.
The last thing I see before I wake up is my entire family, including my dad with his big smile. The last sound I hear is the laughter of my children and grandchild as my little Sadie does a dance on her hind legs.

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