Nancy Travis Stands Up with Tim Allen

Travis stars in ABC's “Last Man Standing,” which premieres on October 11. Find out what it's like to be married to Tim Allen on the small screen in the edited version of our interview with her. Plus, Travis dishes on other actors she worked with like Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Selleck to name a few.

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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Photograph: Richard Reinsdorf

More: What's it like being married to Tim Allen on the small screen?
Nancy Travis: I feel I am the luckiest person on earth. He is fantastic and the show is really well written. ABC is very supportive of it, so that is a vote of confidence. What’s also great about this show, it not only shoots in Los Angeles but it has great mommy hours.

More: What is your definition of great mommy hours?
NT: I have a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old I am close to. I am hands-on when it comes to my kids. And I have a teenager now, and that is a surprise every day.

More: What is the biggest challenge of having a teenager?
NT: I think the biggest challenge is keeping in their world and keeping the lines of communication open. It is also about giving them independence by little crumbs so you keep connected.

More: Do you monitor what they do on the Internet?
NT: Yes. I am not connected to technology the way my husband is. I do know my son is on Facebook, and we monitor that. He also has a cell phone but he doesn’t use it for texting. He likes Xbox and gets together with friends in a virtual world. To him, that is a playdate.

More: Are you cool with that?
NT: As a parent you ask, is this OK or should I be concerned about it? It is a tough call.

More: Since you are so involved with your kids, are you picky about the roles you accept?
NT: Oh definitely. I am in this comedy that is very G-rated and centers on family. However, I am still concerned about which episodes my children watch because I am their mom.

More: Like what?
NT: We are doing a Halloween episode, which is very funny but I also have to wear a really sexy pirate costume. While it is all done for amusement, I am thinking, should I let my kids see me this way? I think my mom sensor is going off.

More: Is Tim Allen a barrel of laughs?
NT: It is a lot of fun. He is terrific, funny and very invested in the show. He wants this show to be believable and for the comedy to come from a real place. I compare this to a game of catch. He throws the ball to me and lets me do my thing and then I throw it back to him.

More: You are no stranger to comedy. You co-starred in the sitcom Becker with Ted Danson.
NT: It is like wearing an old shoe. I love it. But when you are starting a new show like this it is a lot of hard work to create a new person.

More: Is it scarier to be on network TV as opposed to cable, since the networks tend to pull the plug faster, if a show doesn’t take with the audience right away?
NT: Yes and no. I think cable is a little more competitive than it used to be. For me, the rewards are greater for being on network TV. For one, you do more episodes and more people will see it, even though the stakes are a bit higher.

More: Who is the funniest actor you have ever worked with?
NT: I have worked with so many interesting and funny people. If you are asking about Tim, I have always admired him and always wanted to work with him. I am so happy the right opportunity has come around.

More: You have worked with some of the biggest A-listers in Tinseltown: Robert Downey Jr., Mike Myers, Andy Garcia and Tom Selleck, just to name a few. Who is the most talented actor of the bunch?
NT: Hmmm…hard to say. I have learned something from every one of them. It’s like asking me what my favorite project was. There are some great days and some really horrible moments.

More: Define a horrible moment. 
NT: A horrible moment is working late into the night. Not being able to figure out what the scene is. Not connecting. Being exhausted and then finally shooting something that not only doesn’t work but you have to shoot again. Another bad moment is being stuck on location and not being able to see my kids.

First Published October 11, 2011

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