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Why I'm Doing It

This is my first cleanse so I have no idea what to expect. I've been afraid to do it because a former colleague of mine did one a couple years ago and broke out in shingles.

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Day 1

I felt really energetic throughout the day probably because I had three cups of coffee (my usual) in the am! I wasn't prepared to give up food and caffeine. I devoured half the matcha superfood bowl as soon as I got in which was more satisfying than my usual greek yogurt and banana. The drinks were more filling than I expected and I didn't crave the caffeine in the afternoon. I didn't even crave dinner but I did have lettuce and half of an avocado around 7pm since I was working late and afraid of getting hungry.

That night, I felt jittery (no headache) and energetic but not famished as I had expected. I went to bed at 10pm to avoid eating/snacking late out of habit. I had so much energy it was actually hard to settle down to sleep (and that was without my usual afternoon coffee!).


Day 2

I had my usual three cups of coffee before I got to the office even though I knew there was an almond latte waiting for me. I didn't drink it but rather waited to see if I needed it in the afternoon. I definitely felt more tired and a little out of it but didn't feel as hungry the second day. I didn't even finish my last two juices, but sipped both before bed just to make sure I had something in my stomach. I slept very well!

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I had one cup of coffee—not the almond latte as I want to save it for the afternoon. I'm not feeling hungry or bloated. I just devoured half my matcha superfood bowl. The rest of the day I also felt a little fatigued from not eating and missed the constant snacking. I supplemented with steamed butternut when I got home and drank Jonny's extra hemp juice he didn't want. 

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Final Thoughts

When I did start eating I juiced in the morning and ate fruit at lunch, but went straight to lamb chops for dinner that night. The mornings and afternoons were difficult to figure out what to eat. I was definitely more conscience of what I was eating and ate less. I don't weigh myself but I feel thinner and healthier and I'm happy to know that I can survive on less inflammatory foods and still feel full. 

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