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A New, Green World of...

A New, Green World of Coke

In time for summer tourists, in June, Coca-Cola opened its 62,000-square-foot New World of Coke Museum in Atlanta, more than twice the size of the previous museum just a few miles away. Featuring some 1,200 Coke artifacts, a 4-D theater, a fully functioning bottling line, and samples of seventy products from around the world, the new museum also reflects its parent company’s commitment to environmental causes.

The building is the first in the Coca-Cola Company system built in accordance with the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. LEED facilities are built using benchmarks that promote recycling, reuse, and waste reduction. 

Among the museum’s “green” offerings:

  • The carpet is made in part from recycled plastic bottles and the flooring in the museum’s store is made from recycled rubber
  • The building is 30 percent more energy efficient than standards required by the Georgia state energy code
  • Waterless urinals, low-flushing toilets, and other fixtures reduce water consumption
  • Teachers can download an online guide and take students on a green scavenger hunt throughout the museum
  • A new line of products made from recycled billboards, car tires, PET bottles, and other materials grace the shelves of the Coca-Cola store

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