'The Sacred Thread'

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'The Sacred Thread'

After three devastating miscarriages, Adrienne Arieff thought she would have to give up on becoming a mother. But when she read about Dr. Patel's infertility clinic based in Anand, India, and specializing in surrogacy, she realized that she and her husband had other options. "After losses, indecision, and heartbreak, the right road forward was suddenly so clear and right before me," writes Arieff, in this surprising, triumphant memoir. With the help of a stranger named Vaina, Arieff is able to have the family she always wanted and in return she helps Vaina provide for her own three children. During the last months of Vaina's pregnancy, Arieff stayed to care for her, and the women connect without the use of language, but rather through smiles and hand gestures. A cross-cultural friendship is formed as the two women unite by a shared goal and a love of family.

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