A Stellar Cast Goes Back to School

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A Stellar Cast Goes Back to School

Thanks to Video On Demand, you can watch Detachment today before it even hits movie theaters. Oscar winner Adrien Brody (above) takes a sharp turn from his recent, exuberantly wacky portrayal of Dali in Midnight in Paris to play Henry Barthes, an emotionally empty, damaged man drawn into the even more desperate lives of others. A brilliant teacher, Barthes prefers to work as a sub; by drifting from school to school, he avoids any attachments or commitments. Even Barthes, though, has to notice the sorry state of his current school, where an eccentric group of burned-out educators (Marcia Gay Harden, James Caan, Christina Hendricks, Blythe Danner, Lucy Liu) makes him look like Teacher of the Year. Meanwhile, a dying grandfather with an awful secret and a teenage prostitute he hopes to save force Barthes to feel again. Occasionally over the top, but riveting throughout, Detachment is an unsettling, unusual film worth viewing.


Detachment, VOD, February 23; in theaters March 16.

Photo: Tony Kaye

First Published February 23, 2012

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