Gorgeous Glam-Mas to Launch Reality TV Show

This cast ranges in age from 42 to 77!

By Mary Beth Sammons
Photo Coutesy of ShirleyJones.com

Move over Kim Kardashian and Snooki, the newest sexy mommas to hit the reality TV circuit are sexy, sassy, and they’re grandmas. 

But, don’t expect them to be knitting booties or pushing walkers along the Jersey Shore. Dubbing themselves “Glam-Mas,” they’re poised to make their debut in a reality TV show, “America’s Most Georgeous Glam-Mas,” according to spokesperson, Roger Neal.

 Shirley Jones, 77, of the Partridge Family will lead the pack of eight 42- to 77-year-olds on the show. She’s been tapped as the celebrity spokesperson, expected to be announced later this week, sayid Neal. Currently the show’s producers are in “very serious” negotiations with various networks, Neal added.

 Another icon appearing on the show will be Donna Douglas, 77, known as Elly May Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies.

  “So many women feel that when they become a grandma they can no longer be sexy and beautiful,” said Rex Toto, the show’s creator and co-executive producer. “Our show will feature active, vivacious grandma’s who are talented. It’s time grandmas become active and feel sexy again."

 The "Glam-Mas" cast members will share their daring deeds, bare all their beauty secrets and do what grandma’s do—help take care of the kids, said Neal. The show will have a philanthropic spin, with the Glams expected to make appearances for fundraising events for sick children.

 Other’s lined up for the cast include: Jana Leigh McHorter, 49, one of eight women in the world who walks the wings of airplanes; Corrine Walker, 50, a professional model. and Elaine Blumberg, 72, author of “Save Your Money, SaveYour Face.”

 Evidently, there’s already a holiday reserved for Gorgeous Glam-Mas, July 23, according to Chase’s Calendar of Events.

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First Published March 30, 2011

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Pam Hudson04.08.2011

Wonderful! A show that really relates to me! lol
I'm in for the audience...or a panel. Where do I sign up?

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