Is India the Rape Capital of the World?

We're horrified by news reports of rape in India and feel lucky we don't live there. But the country with the highest rate of sexual assault isn't India—it's us

by Sally Kohn
trent mays and ma'lik richmond in court
Trent Mays, 17 (left), and Ma'lik Richmond, 16 (center), were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl
Photograph: Associated Press

Mallika Dutt runs Breakthrough, an organization that works to build human rights culture in India and the United States. Dutt says the differences between the two countries are more perceived than real. “There’s an assumption that [in America] we’re more evolved, that we’re more civilized, that the status of women is waaaaay better than the status of women in India or any other part of the world,” says Dutt. 

That's untrue, says Dutt, and the false comfort may do Americans more harm than good. “It's always easier to ascribe negative attributes to the other than to than yourself,” she says. But such denial means we focus on the problems elsewhere to the detriment of improving conditions here in the United States as well. Violence against women anywhere should be a reminder to scrutinize injustice everywhere, including right here at home.

The encouraging fact is that while the U.S. still ranks first in the world for reported rapes, the number is declining here while statistics suggest India is moving in the other direction. In the U.S. the rate of reported rapes decreased by over 12 percent between 2002 and 2011. Over the last two decades, rates of domestic violence have dropped by more than 50 percent. And while only half of Americans in 1987 said it is "always wrong" for a man to beat his wife with a belt or a stick, a decade later 86 percent said it is wrong. That’s progress. But from Dallas to Delhi and everywhere in between, there’s still much more progress to be made.

Sally Kohn is a writer, television pundit and communications consultant. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, New York Magazine, Salon, Reuters, USA Today, Politico and Time.

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Mohammed 09.06.2015

In order to fight crime against women in India, we made an attempt through a short film to spread social awareness.
I am not sure, if this is a good platform to spread awareness that women are not object of desire, they must them be respected, protected and encouraged to feel safe.

victorsquad 05.07.2015

"What country ranks first? The United States. In India, a country of over 1.2 billion people, 24,206 rapes were reported in 2011. The same year in the United States, a nation of 300 million, 83,425 rapes were reported."
Nice try guys, this is absolutely and unequivocally FALSE!!! Took some digging but googling this eventually brings you to a times article. In 2011 83,425 were sexually assaulted in America. That doesn't necessarily mean rape! Sexual assault can be any kind of unwanted sexual touching. In that figure are people who got slapped on the ass, kissed inappropriately, fondled or grabbed.
"The study, called the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, was begun in 2010 with the support of the National Institute of Justice and the Department of Defense. The study, a continuing telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of 16,507 adults, defines intimate partner and sexual violence broadly."
So these figures are not from police and court statistics, they are from phone calls. Therefore the numbers are wildly inaccurate. Obviously the person who wrote this is playing hard and fast with the data.
Only the FBI defines rape as actual oral/genital forced penetration. All these other idiotic sources consider rape any form of sexual assault which is grossly misleading and then used by morons to paint with large strokes in order to scare you or to demonize nations.

Goutham 03.10.2015

See this TIME article : Why Rape Seems Worse in India Than Everywhere Else (but Actually Isn’t) . I don't know if the international media have some personal grudge against Indians or if they are too naive about the same issues facing the developed world too. Rape culture is also present in the USA (prevalent in towns like Steubenville where the townsfolk actually sided with rapists), UK (remember Rotherham) and Sweden. The CDC in the USA actually has conducted detailed surveys on rape and showed that nearly one in 5 women in the USA has been raped. I am in no way diminishing the extent of rape in India. Rape is a global problem and Indians have actually fought against it more than our US and European brethren. I just hope Indian males are not generalized as rapists just because they raised so much outcry against rape. Ironic, isn't it?

Truth 01.26.2015

@ Ajay, get your facts right.... Rape happens in every country. India is a predominately Hindu country and so are the rapists. The new Delhi rape case, by virtue of example was committed by intoxicated hindu men.. and the victim that was a hindu as well walking alone late night.
Islam, on the other hand teaches women the importance of covering themselves, so as to not to attract strange men. Not to travel alone without a male guardian. This is done in best interest of the women. Islam prohibits intoxication with alcohol, as well. Alcohol and drug intoxication are a catalyst in next time do your research before you write something on a public forum.

Ajay 01.14.2015

I think the author has a point. I have lived in India for several years and I think all the readers who are lashing out against her are either muslim or communist. I dont trust either of them to tell the truth.
Because of heavy islamic influence, Indians are very sensitive about rape. And yes, almost all rape is always reported - the journalists jump on the stories and it quickly becomes international news. In the USA also most rapes are reported but nobody cares. The difference between rapists in India and in USA is the main shameful thing for India and Indians. While all rapists are scumbags, in USA rape is more a "power" driven crime against women. In India, it is sexual depravity. Higher number of men vs women, poor education, and several years of islamic influence of burqa and purda - separate men and women schools and this up and rising influence of western culture creates a bad situation where the people want their daughters to go to school and have a career etc, but the men still have had no real interaction with women and are still jerking off to porn. The reason for all the rape in India is the shameful part.

Free 12.03.2014

Sally Kohn - don't be so bloody stupid.
If you don't know something as basic as the difference between "number of reported rapes" and "number of rapes", then you have nothing of value to contribute to this topic. Ditto if you can't work out the difference between one segment of a society violating civil rights and a government that supports the violation of civil rights and refuses to support victims.
I don't care if you are a cynical hack creating a fake beat-up, or merely incompetent. Do better.
If you can't even manage that, at least have the decency to spare the rest of us your sad attempts to write news. You are wasting everybody else's time and taking up space that could be used by a competent journalist.

Tika Rani06.11.2014

There is no comparison. In India I can't ride a bus or any public transport, cannot enjoy a day picnicing at a park, reading on a bench, relaxing at a beach or meditating outside during sunrise or sunset, without getting "eve teased" (google it).
In the US I regularly do all these things with no botheration whatsoever.
While rapes *might* be higher in the US (and that is a big *might*), the day to day life here is so much easier and freer for women because one is not getting stared at and eve teased at ever turn.
I love my traditional Indian (classical Hindu) culture. Its such a shame that I cannot take my children to live and grow up in that beautiful land due to eve teasing and other horrific day to day realities.
So until India weeds this and other dysfunctional traits out of its system, we will stay in the US and I will teach my children meditation and classical Hindu practices as we sit peacefully on the beach during sunset and sunrise.

Zakir Hasan06.09.2014

In India reported rape is very low. Indian consider rape is not a crime, a social problem (till its reported properly with police). Rape and sex is part of Indian culture and religion. Devdasis of Indian temples are sex worker but not prostitute collected from untouchable class the Dalit. Upper class Hindus consider Dalit women are their sex enjoyment. No Dalits have the guts to lodge a complain with police for rape, first question asked in police station is what social class they belong if the answer is Dalit, chapter is closed there. Even in court upper class sex offender get soft treatment over Dalit sex victim. Seriously reconsider rape statistics in India.

Madhu Sameer05.31.2014

I have lived in all three regions - India, Middle East, and in US overextended periods of time. I agree with the author that respect for women and children is the worst in US. Sure there are laws here, but the laws are implemented by a patriarchical society where males have more power. The police is as corrupt here than in India, except that the corruption is more in terms of racism. Women are treated like crap in US, and when I first came here, I was apalled and would take it personally, till I realised that it is just how the culture is. So horrific have been my experiences in and of United States that I am leaving the country next year for good with my children. I do not wish to bring up my children in this society. I feel more protected by law, and society in India and Middle East. Sure we have horrible men like these rapists, but the rest of the men in these regions have compassion and decency. In my opinion, in this country, even the judiciary is aligned against women and children. All laws, all talk, all hot air...att PR to seduce the world - nothing in reality.

Joy private05.03.2014

This article is absolutely ridiculous. You have not done your research trying to prove America is not better off than India. American’s are under the false impression regarding the treatment of women and India better. Are you for real!?!?!? You just pulled cases to prove your point. Also the statistics you used was the crime committed by immigrants or American citizens? If you are going to write something make sure you have all your facts. I will admit America is not perfect and we have room to grow. We haven’t chosen our first Women president we are well aware Women have struggles in the U.S. However it is nothing compared to how India treats its women. Not all rape cases are handled the same.

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