Green Giants

The prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, established in 1990, awards $150,000 each to six activists around the world—and in North America, the majority of the 28 recipients have been women. Meet the 2014 winner and three of the amazing green warriors who preceded her

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Helen Slottje, 2014

A former corporate lawyer, she discovered a legal loophole that enables towns to fight fracking through zoning laws. Her efforts have led to 170 bans on the practice in New York State.

Goldman Environmental Prize

Kimberly Wasserman, 2013

Fought to shut down coal plants poisoning her low­income community in Chicago.

Goldman Environmental Prize

Lynn Henning, 2010

Exposed the polluting practices of livestock factory farms in rural Michigan.

Goldman Environmental Prize

Lois Gibbs, 1990

Demanded the cleanup of chemical waste buried under the Love Canal neighborhood near Niagara Falls. 

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Goldman Environmental Prize

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