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2009 Obama inauguration night
A Look into the First Lady's Photo Album
Michelle Obama reveals the stories behind her favorite White House photos SEE SLIDESHOW
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inspirer-in-chief michelle obama with lesley jane seymour
Editor's Letter: The Inspirer-in-Chief
Lesley Jane Seymour dubs guest editor Michelle Obama "Inspirer-in-Chief" READ
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Tina Tchen Illustration
In Her Words: Tina Tchen
Tina Tchen shares the lessons she's learned as chief of staff to the First Lady READ
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catherine russell more magazine image
Helping Girls Rule The World
Ambassador Catherine Russell won't rest until women have equal rights READ
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brian stauffer hand illustration
That's What Friends Are For
How a single mother with a new job in a new town discovered she didn't have to do it all alone READ
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