Mosque's Daisy Khan Not Backing Down

Daisy Khan has been hailed as a healer, a link between moderate Islam and the West, and a force for equality for Muslim women. But since she and her husband proposed building an Islamic center near ground zero, Khan has been under siege.

By Suzanna Andrews
Photograph: Martin Schoeller

As for fundraising, Khan says it would have been premature anyway. “You have to have a complete board, you don’t want to jump the gun. Important behind-the-scenes decisions have to be made” before fundraising starts. She is confident that any differences with the developer will be ironed out over the next month or so—differences that should not be worked through “in the public eye,” she adds. Meanwhile, despite el-Gamal's statement that the couple will no longer speak about Park51, Khan maintains that she is very much “still speaking about the Cordoba House vision my husband and I created.”

“The supporters are there. The partners are there,” Khan says resolutely.  “My husband and I are completely committed to building Cordoba House as we envisioned it.”

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First Published January 18, 2011

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Donna Cavanagh06.21.2011

This was an excellent article. I am from NYC, and I think maybe the center will shed light on the peaceful aspects of religions. Maybe it might de-demonize Islam. Let it be a healing place and not a place of hate. I admire greatly this woman.

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